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SEO Summary
On page optimization
Robot.txt ( Use if required.)
Website Canonical Issues
Title tag
Meta tag (Not going to effect your ranking.)
I) Meta keywords
II) Meta description
Alt tag (suggesting this for image optimization,)
Website structure
Header and Footer
Website navigation
theme based unique Content
Off page factors

1. Link building
2. Free Directory Submission
3. Article Submission
4. Blogging
5. Book marking Sites
6. Forum Signature
7. Blog Comments
8. Press Releases
9. Classifieds
10. Social Networking
11.for off page more things
12,Internet marketing
13.Viral Marketing
14.Email Marketing

Good summary for optimized site.
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How to increase the site links
You can not increase sitelinks, Google generates sitelinks automatically using an inadequately understood but more importantly, imperfect algorithm. Google sitelinks are generated on the whims of this imperfect algorithm and you just hope and pray that it will generate more sitelinks for you.

Even when it has generated, say 8 sitelinks and made you happy, for inexplicable reasons, in one week the number of sitelinks would have gone to 3 and next month to 6 etc.

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SEO Services Search Engine Optimization Company Nagpur India, is an SEO Company that offers quality Search Engine Optimization / SEO Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN. We are specialist of search engine marketing. We can suggest good guidlines for PPC management (i.e. Pay Per Click). We can help you by link building to boost up your sales. We have worked on many outsourced project by offshore (seo for australia, seo services for USA, search engine optimization and wesite promotion accross european countries) and Indian clients.

Our SEO Processes are designed in view of the Google SEO guidelines, and white hat SEO techniques are strictly followed to ensure that our clients from world over (USA / Canada / UK / Australia) get the best SEO services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. We will position your website in front of highly qualified prospects who are actively searching for your product or service.

Search marketing services drive qualified prospects to your web site, build your brand, and increase sales. specializations in:

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Search Engine Optimization
Link Building
Facebook Integration
W3C Standards HTML Validations
Incresing Backlinks
Helping to get a higher Pagerank
Search Engine Site Submission
Internet Marketing
Developing Keyword Module
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